Your Wedding DJ: To Take Requests or Not Take Requests?

When hiring a DJ for an event, you may assume you have to fill out a playlist for the entire span of the event, but that’s not true. DJs will help create a playlist but will leave space for additions, and often, a DJ will allow you to decide whether or not to permit guests to request songs during the event. It’s not required, and it’s not uncommon for the hosts to choose to leave this option off the table. However, there may be a benefit to allowing your guests to take things into their own hands.

Requesting music that guests want to hear can help keep the party going. Maybe there is a fan favorite that hasn’t been played, and it’s just what everyone needed to get out on the dance floor. Or maybe everyone wants to see your cousin break down to a high school throwback! If you feel anxious about leaving the song choices up to your guests, you can always provide the DJ with a “do not play” list. This will allow you some control over the types of songs being played while still being flexible enough to give your guests a say!

Another idea is to leave a space on the RSVP for song requests. Then, as RSVPs come flooding in, you can take inventory of the requested songs and compile a list for your DJ. Keep in mind that only a few slow songs are necessary, so filter out some of those and stick with the upbeat music for a more lively evening! 

Allowing guests to provide music suggestions can offer additional fun and variety to an already great event. And your DJ will do everything in their power to engage with the audience, recognizing that sometimes it does take the crowd’s input to keep the party going. 

If you allow your guests to request songs, trust that your DJ can use their expertise to determine whether it will go over well with the crowd as a whole. Hiring a DJ who will understand your style and keep your evening on track is one of the most significant benefits of working with HD Entertainment. We take your suggestions to heart and create the best possible atmosphere for your big day! 

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