The Difference between a DJ and an Emcee

When you find yourself planning a wedding or any other big event, you likely have heard the titles DJ and emcee used interchangeably. This can confuse you because they are actually two very different jobs. For your next event to be one talked about for years, you need to make the right decisions about the music. So let’s explore the difference between a DJ and an emcee.

What is a DJ?

Traditionally a DJ is a professional who handles the music. Make note that we said professional. Sure, anyone can have a family member play some poor-quality mp3s at your event. They also probably do so on equally poor-quality equipment. However, when it comes to your event’s entertainment level, a DJ can make or break it. A professional DJ plays the right songs at the right time, mixes music, and takes requests from guests. One essential tip is to be involved in the initial music selection process. Make sure the DJ has a general understanding of what your attendees like. You’ll want to give the DJ some freedom to choose music, but it is helpful for them to know what you and your guests want to listen or dance to. 

What is an Emcee?

An emcee, particularly at wedding receptions, is responsible for the program. An experienced emcee will handle all announcements for the day. They will also keep guests active and entertained for two reasons. First, a good emcee will excite your guests and keep the party rolling. Second, they’ll ensure your guests know what is next on the schedule. They direct traffic, so to speak, so that everyone knows what is next and where they need to be. A good emcee makes you look good. After all, this is your event!

Who do I need?

Depending upon the size of your event, you may need two people. In some cases, for smaller events, one may suffice. The key is to have a conversation with whomever you are looking at hiring for your event. Find what they are capable of doing. If they can provide credentials and some testimonials from previous clients, they may be a good fit for what you need. 

Ask around

Choosing the DJ or emcee for your event is a HUGE decision. Don’t be afraid to check in with friends to see who they used for their own events. Compile a list of potential choices and talk to all of them. One person to leave off the list? That one friend or family member who offers to do the event for little to nothing. You will regret it in the long run. 

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