8 Trend Predictions For 2021 Weddings

8 Trend Predictions For 2021 Weddings

After a messy year in 2020 full of cancelled events and rescheduled wedding dates, we should know better than to plan in 2021. That doesn’t keep us from compiling the must-have and most exciting wedding trends predicted for the year!

If we have learned anything in the last year, it is that we must adapt to the changes and new normal brought on by COVID-19. While weddings are starting to look a little different, that doesn’t mean they have to be any less special. We have created a guide explaining the top trends for weddings this year because, let’s face it, the show must go on.



It’s quite romantic to think about marrying your significant other on a tropical island or at a meaningful destination in peace and quiet. With many health-conscious family members struggling to check “Yes” on your RSVP, you can elope this year without the guilt that typically comes along with it. There has never been a more accepting time to ordain your best friend and adventure with your partner to your favorite place to tie the knot.


Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings have always been the trend, but for obvious safety reasons we will be seeing an increase in outdoor events for there is more room to stay socially distant. With indoor gatherings accounting for most Coronavirus surges, we will happily opt outside to party with the birds and the bees!


Live Streaming Pre-Wedding Parties

2021 may change the way you involve your loved ones on your special day. Live streaming proposals, virtual bridal showers, and watching your favorite couple say “I do” is one way to ease the Zoom-fatigue for those who cannot attend your wedding parties in person.


Intimate Weddings

The wed-now-party-later approach. Formal or informal ceremonies with under 25 attendees, intimate or “micro” weddings, are becoming more popular. Couples who are doing this tend to have a larger wedding celebration mentally planned for post-pandemic. Intimate weddings take away the stress of having to socialize with the hundreds of people in attendance and allow you and your partner to focus on each other and spend quality time with each and every guest.


Eco-friendly Weddings

From buying the dress from designers who commit to eco-friendly practices, to hosting responsibly, there are numerous ways to keep your wedding day green. Many venues are now offering in-house catering that use locally sourced produce and meats. Couples are doing away with plastic straws and even encouraging guests to take home flowers and decor.


Road Trip Honeymoons

As travel bans make planning an overseas honeymoon close to impossible, there is plenty to see right here in the United States! I think we can all agree that social distancing plays a huge part in the safest ways to travel and adventure anymore. Avoiding crowded airports and tight airplanes is a great way to start safely honeymooning during a pandemic. So pack the car, it’s going to be a long ride!


Flexible Wedding Budgets

With couples not spending thousands of dollars on catering and reducing their guest list, there is an increase in flexible wedding spending. With the money you are spending (or saving), you and your partner can afford the extravagant fashion to take breathtaking photos of your special day or put the money towards a dream vacation post-pandemic.


Online Shopping

One of the most fun parts of wedding planning for brides is going to the bridal shop to try on dresses and accessories. We miss our bridal shops dearly. Until such is safe, online shopping is the best alternative. Just because you’re at home, cozy on the couch in your pajamas, doesn’t mean you can’t buy one of the most stunning wedding gowns on the market. From budget-friendly buys to lavish couture, many online bridal shops have understanding return policies for brides.


Whatever the trends, remember this is your day. Make it your own and everything you have ever dreamed of it to be, despite the state of the world. If you are planning or replanning your wedding and still on the hunt for entertainment, we can help. Contact us to provide your guests with the best post-pandemic party experience.


5 Tips to Hiring a Memorable Wedding DJ

5 Tips to Hiring a Memorable Wedding DJ

The main goal of your wedding is to make it an unforgettable night not only for you and your significant other but for your guests as well. From booking your beautiful dream venue to the delicious spread of food to a bumpin’ reception, there are many factors that will go into planning your special day. One of the most determining factors for a fun, upbeat reception is your choice of DJ. A reception can go south quickly with an empty dance floor. Moral of the story, great music makes for a great party. When it comes to hiring a DJ, much like finding your spouse, you will “just know” when you’ve found the right one. We have provided you with the tips to hiring a memorable DJ for your wedding that will leave your soon-to-be married guests asking where you found them!


We are raised to never judge a book by its cover. This statement is valid in most aspects of life, but first impressions are important when it comes to hiring a wedding DJ. A great DJ shows professionalism in all manners. From the way they dress to being well-groomed to maintaining a calm and controlled demeanor. If something goes astray during your wedding, a good DJ will know how to attend to wedding disasters and can act accordingly. Experience is key. You definitely don’t want to hire an inexperienced DJ and you certainly don’t want your wedding to be their first gig. Professional DJs will do their best because not only do they want your wedding night to be memorable, but they know they have a reputation to uphold. 

Reading The Crowd

You will want to ask a DJ how they pack the dance floor. A good, experienced DJ will have a passion and knowledge for all genres of music to predict the response of guests in the room when certain music plays. Knowing what music to play and when to play them is an important skill to make sure your DJ has. DJs will have varying styles and approaches to getting guests out on the dance floor. Some will use microphone interaction while others will focus on good music and taking requests. Most DJs will be able to adapt to certain requests and situations, but it’s important to make it clear what style of DJ you’re looking to hire from the start. 

Respects Your Wishes

While there are songs we can’t imagine not hearing at our wedding, there are other songs we know will make us cringe at the drop of the first beat. A good DJ will respect your wishes of what you do and do not want to hear at your wedding reception. After all, it is YOUR wedding reception. 

Party Packages

Other than great music, find out what else DJs offer in their packages. The high-tech sound systems and suitable lighting for different stages of the reception are a given, but what makes them different from their competitors? Photo booths can be a fun addition to any party!


Much like the feeling of meeting “the one”, you will just know when you’ve found the right DJ for your wedding. They will understand your needs and desires for the night and assure you they can make your dreams come true. With the right DJ, you won’t have to carry all the stress and anxiety that comes with planning a wedding. 

Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of your life and a great DJ will make it special. We are the area’s only all-female award-winning DJ company, and we book quickly! Check out our wedding services at HD Entertainment to see what we can do for you!

Top 10 Questions For DJs in Hanover, PA

Top 10 Questions for DJs in Hanover, PA

So you have decided to get married here at home in Hanover, PA, and you’re seeking local talent to DJ at your wedding reception. A packed dance floor is a key component to a fun and memorable wedding reception. Before choosing someone you know or going with the DJ that was at your friend’s wedding, there are questions to consider asking prior to hiring your entertainment. Afterall, you’ll want to know how your DJ gets the party started. We have noted ten questions to ask a prospective DJ before booking them for your special day.

  • Do You Offer A Written Contract?

Not all DJs you interview will have the same sense of professionalism. A written, legal contract is the first indication that the DJ is legitimate and reliable. A contract will establish the DJ’s obligation to the client and highlight what is expected for the success of the DJ. In our opinion, any DJ without a contract should not be considered.

  • What Is Your Experience?

You will want to ask a DJ how long they have been in the business. While you’re at it, ask them how many weddings they have done in the past because you definitely don’t want your wedding to be their first. Knowing how many years a DJ has been in the industry is a good indicator of how much experience they hold under their belt. Many DJs perform at a few events per year as a side gig. You’ll want to think twice when considering passing up a DJ because they have less years of experience in the industry as a whole, but have done twice as many weddings as someone who holds more years of experience.

  • Have You Played At Our Venue Before?

It’s a huge plus when a DJ has already played at your venue for past weddings and events. In a small town like Hanover, it is likely DJs have played at many of the same venues multiple times. There are challenges that come with every venue though, and if your DJ is already familiar with the location, planning becomes that much less of a headache for everyone. If they haven’t been to your venue before, your DJ should be open to preparing themselves prior to your event.

  • Describe Your Style?

When finding the right DJ, it is important to try to match the style of the DJ to the atmosphere you are trying to create for your guests. For a wedding, you will more than likely want a party-promoting type of DJ but maybe not one who is too interactive with the crowd. Depending on your wants in this area, ask your DJ what their normal style is, how they get the crowd dancing, and what they do if the dance floor clears.

  • Will You Act As The “Emcee”?

DJs typically aren’t shy, but if they refuse to emcee at your wedding, chances are they aren’t the DJ for you. Any professional and experienced DJ should be comfortable making wedding announcements on a microphone, as it is a standard part of the event.

  • How Do You Motivate A Crowd If Nobody Is Dancing?

An empty dance floor is every soon-to-be married couple’s nightmare. You want your wedding reception to be a night that isn’t soon forgotten. While some DJs are comfortable with the microphone to energize a crowd, others may use careful song selection to ensure dance floor success. If a populated dance floor is important to you, you will want to ask the DJ how they go about this and determine if it is how you would want the situation handled.

  • May We Speak To Your References?

You were probably already referred to your local prospective DJ by a friend, but it doesn’t hurt to do your own research. Any DJ should be ready and willing to connect you with their past clients. Speaking to past clients gives you a good idea of what is expected when working with that DJ. In the absence of wanting to bother a past couple, search out reviews for your chosen DJ. The more, the better. A simple Google search should show you various reviews and platforms.

  • How Involved Can We Be In Selecting Music For Our Event?

Many DJs prefer to be in control of their own setlists while sprinkling in a few of your select requests. The ideal DJ should be accommodating to your music taste, open to including what your guests want to hear, and respectful of what you don’t want to hear. A good DJ has a premade itinerary or song selection sheet ready to hand to you once a contract is signed and a deposit is secured.

  • What Is Included?

Some DJs will have other packages you can tack onto their services at your event that include photo booths, lighting options, overtime rates, and even stations for guests to charge their phone. There are a ton of fees that get tacked onto having a DJ, aside from their presence and set-up. Be sure to ask what packages are offered and what is included in each.

  • What Makes You Different From Your Competitors?

Lastly, why them? “Out of all the talent in the area, why should we choose you?” can be the opening or closing question for your prospective DJ. Any successful DJ will be open to answering this question if they take pride in their work. An open and honest DJ will take the time to tell you why their services are unique without bashing other local DJs.

Choosing a DJ for any event is tricky, but if you’re looking for the best in the Hanover, PA area, look no further. HD Entertainment has a handful of talented, award-winning ladies ready to provide your guests with the experience they need at an affordable cost. Contact us today to get started.

COVID-19 Wedding Planning Tips

Not Your Average Wedding Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world as we know it, cancelling and delaying big-life events for many people. While we have high hopes of returning to some sort of normalcy in 2021, larger events like concerts, festivals, and weddings may require a “new normal.” The wedding industry in particular has taken a beating between vendors closing their doors, vendors going out of business, and couples scrambling to figure out their new plan for holy matrimony.

So that brings us to the million dollar question: how do I plan my wedding during a pandemic?

It is important to remember, you are not alone right now. Countless couples have had to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone their ceremonies or make changes to their special day to abide by CDC guidelines. The good news is, love is certainly not cancelled in 2021; that includes the joyful journey of planning, or replanning, your wedding.

Postpone Instead of Cancel

Coronavirus doesn’t call the shots, you do! This is YOUR day.

Smaller Guest List

While you may not have all the faces you originally wanted to see on your wedding day, a smaller guest list creates a sense of intimacy. With less, you are able to focus your time and attention on your wedding guests to thank them for coming, make conversation, and maybe even snap a memorable photo. A smaller guest list allows your guests to also feel comfortable given the current state of affairs. You can still live stream your big day for the rest of the family to enjoy from home.

You can start this challenging process by inviting those who you cannot imagine your wedding day without, such as the first people you told about your engagement. Trimming your guest list can and will be difficult. The most cut-and-dry elimination tactic is to cut anyone you don’t talk to on a regular basis. You can incorporate these people through a virtual livestream of your wedding, and once the madness is over, throw a big party in a more fun and relaxed setting rather than dealing with the formalities of a wedding.

Supporting Small Business

By postponing your wedding instead of cancelling, you are still supporting the small business of many mom-and-pop vendors which will help keep them in business.

If you are planning a wedding, consider small business vendors. Many offer unique features you won’t be able to find through a larger all-in-one inclusive wedding package.

Virtually Plan (And Livestream!)

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us (other than hand hygiene), it’s the power of technology. We are lucky to live in an era where we can get information any time we need it, watch and create live videos on our phone screens, and wedding planning is possible from the couch.

Virtual Venue Tours

Virtual tours have been around for a long time and quite frankly, are not going away anytime soon. However, many venues are now offering personalized virtual tours via Facetime! This way, you are able to virtually “walk” through the venue and ask detailed questions in live time, rather than struggle through an online chat. Live virtual tours give couples a chance to get to know the venue coordinator and discuss details. Virtual tours are expected to be treated like a normal tour, so don’t be shy; take as many screenshots and ask as many questions as you would like!

Virtual Vendor Consultations

Of course, you can’t virtually get your hair done or sample food and cake, but you can, however, get to know some of your other vendors! By setting up virtual appointments with photographers, videographers, floral designers, DJs, and coordinators, they can show you samples of their best work along with their packages and contracts from the comfort of your own home.

Livestream Your Wedding

Couples who are ready to get married now, despite what’s going on in the world, can still share their special day with their loved ones using a live stream on Facebook or any other streaming platform. Technology has truly connected us more than ever during this pandemic. You could even throw a virtual after-party through Google Hangouts or Zoom! Remember, even if you have a digital ceremony now, you can still have your dream wedding later!

Plus, how many couples get two excuses every year to pop champagne and have a fancy “anniversary” dinner?

So, as you’re planning your wedding in 2021, know that we’re here for you. While planning may be different now than it was for couples before you, we won’t let a global pandemic or social distancing get in the way of celebrating marriage, because love always wins.

Contact us for more information about wedding assistance, vendors, or entertainment.