Best Spots for a Gettysburg Engagement Shoot

Congratulations, it’s time for your Gettysburg engagement shoot! While you may feel burned out from endless wedding decisions, your engagement photo shoot is the perfect break. This is your opportunity to have fun and capture cute snapshots with your partner. But before you book a wedding photographer, you’ll want to think about a photo style, coordinate outfits, and select a handful of locations for your backdrops.

Remember to consider weather conditions and travel considerations before picking out your engagement photo locations. If you’re hoping to take photos outdoors, make sure to dress appropriately for the climate and wear comfortable shoes.

Fortunately, Gettysburg offers beautiful landscapes, charming architecture, and stunning historical sites all year long. If you need help finding local destinations, here are five breathtaking spots to include in your Gettysburg engagement shoot!

Gettysburg National Military Park

Are you searching for a historical location? If so, Gettysburg National Military Park is an excellent choice. This landmark includes 5,700 acres of fields and crops between Seminary Ridge, the home base for the Confederates during the battle, and Cemetery Ridge, where the Federals resided. The rolling hills, woodlots, and 1800s farmsteads are some of the highlights of this destination.

Couples can explore over 1,000 historical monuments while soaking in the scenery. The national park also features 400 cannons and historical buildings. So map out the park and capture photos with historical monuments, like the Eternal Light of Peace Memorial and the Soldiers National Monument. You’ll find a treasure trove of backdrops for your pictures.

Downtown Gettysburg

While Gettysburg is known for its rich history, it also has a reputation for state parks. Want to breathe life into your engagement photos? Explore Codorus State Park, with 26 miles of shoreline and 19 miles of trails. Located in the hills of York County, this park features the gorgeous Lake Marburg, a peaceful oasis for your shots. 

Caledonia State Park is another location worth bookmarking. Sitting on the Northern side of South Mountain, this park delivers a calming forest aesthetic. South Mountain is also home to four other state parks. So after your engagement shoot, you and your partner can continue your adventure.

In addition to state parks, Gettysburg hosts fun activities, like Adams County Crop Hop, an experience where visitors can pick seasonal fruits and flowers. A field of vibrant flowers makes for the perfect, idyllic backdrop. So stop by, select your favorite flowers, and smile for the camera.    

Gettysburg Battlefield

Revisiting Gettysburg National Military Park, the famous Gettysburg Battlefield provides countryside landscapes and historical structures. Gain a spectacular view of the battlefield and cemetery at the State of Pennsylvania Monument or capture a bird’s eye perspective at Battlefield Towers. The scenery will infuse rustic themes into your engagement photos. 

If you want some diversity, check out David Wills House, a three-story museum with a beautiful red brick exterior and 19th-century windows. Gettysburg College also features colonial architecture to complement your historical pictures. 

Finally, consider visiting the Gettysburg Train Station. This hidden gem contains all the ingredients for a beautiful photo shoot: tall windows, a modern color palette, and breathtaking architecture. 

Gettysburg Battlefield Bed and Breakfast       

an outside view of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bed and Breakfast   

Fans of the farmhouse aesthetic will love the Gettysburg Battlefield Bed and Breakfast. This Civil War-era inn blends historic and modern elements while staying true to its 1800s roots. The 30-acre property immerses guests in greenery, ponds, and woods for a romantic countryside backdrop.

In addition, the bed and breakfast is dog-friendly. So if you want to capture photos with your loyal companion(s), you can do so. There’s also a fenced-in dog park available should your dog need time to play. Consider booking a room and getting creative with your shots. 

Michaux State Forest

Nothing will leave you or your partner more in awe than Michaux State Forest. This Pennsylvania forest spans 85,500 acres across three counties: Cumberland, Franklin, and Adams. Located in the South Mountain, couples will find an abundance of gorgeous oak trees, like chestnut oak, white oak, and red maple.

There are also pines and black birches spread throughout the grounds. If you visit during the fall, you may see vibrant yellows from the tulip trees. The autumn will bring a pop of color to your Gettysburg engagement photos.     

In addition, adventurers can hike the 37-mile Appalachian Trail. Between the peaceful nature scapes and the awe-inspiring woodlands, you will be glad you included this spot on your list.

Your Gettysburg engagement shoot is ready to go. So, what’s next?

Now that you’ve compiled a list of Gettysburg destinations, you can book a photographer and capture memorable moments of your love. Of course, once you’ve done that, you’ll want to return to your wedding to-do list, starting with your Gettysburg entertainment.

Your music will set the tone for your entire event, especially with all of the amazing options that are available to help bring the atmosphere you’ve envisioned to life! From a dreamy first dance in the clouds to a dance floor that is lit up ready for an unforgettable party, a great DJ can provide both the music you love and the entertainment essentials you desire. Whether you simply want to dance the night away or create a specific ambiance, securing the right entertainment is key. 

If you’re searching for the perfect DJ, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to hear more about your vision!