Why You Should be a Wedding Show Vendor

Do you own a business or sell a product that lends itself to the wedding industry? Maybe you never thought about putting your business into that market, but realize now brides could use your services. Not sure where to reach the biggest audience for the least amount of effort? Wedding shows are an incredible way to reach a wide audience in just one afternoon! Our wedding shows are venue-based and allow for a large crowd in just 3 hours. Take advantage of wedding shows and showcase your business or service for future brides in the area!

Becoming a vendor at a wedding show usually involves contacting the coordinator. HD Entertainment is hosting several wedding shows in the first quarter of 2022 and we’d be happy to reserve a space for you! If you are interested in setting up at a wedding show, there are some things to keep in mind.

It is wise to be prepared with your own booth accessories. 

Most venues provide a table, but for a more professional look, consider bringing your own table cloth, brochures, and samples of whatever product or service you provide. Your table should show what you offer in a clean and organized manner to best attract future brides. 

Thinking outside of the box is key to standing out at a wedding show. 

Your product or service may not be conventional to a wedding show, but things like recipes, homeware, cookware, and more are still on a bride’s registry! By getting in front of a bride early in her planning process, there’s a better likelihood she will be willing to invest in your products and services for the wedding or after! 

Wedding shows are a great way to network. 

Fellow vendors may have friends or family that they can refer to your business! Getting to know those around you and what they offer can open doors that weren’t previously available. It also opens the possibility of trading products or services to better market your business. Maybe someone at the wedding show sells stationery that you can purchase to better market your brand! It’s a win-win!

Wedding shows are more than just selling to a future bride. 

Wedding shows are also about developing relationships with couples just starting out on their journey. If you have a business or product that couples could use throughout their marriage, chances are good you’ll develop customers for life. Sell cookware? When they need a new pan, they’ll contact you! Take photos? When the happy couple wants to document their fur baby or their newborn they’ll give you a call.

Interested in becoming a vendor at the Central PA Wedding Shows? Visit centralpaweddingshows.com for more information. We have both booth and non-booth options available, depending on how you’d like to target couples. Can you afford to not be in front of couples during the 2022 booking season? What is your game plan for 2022, 2023, and beyond?

If you have any questions about our processes or booking information, call, email, or contact us today!