Hire a Wedding DJ in Harrisburg, PA

Inexpensive modern technology has opened up a new world in the past decade making it easy for anyone to market themselves as a DJ. However, there are many reasons why one should seek out an experienced professional wedding DJ including avoiding disaster on your big day. Here are a few things to look for when you hire a wedding DJ in Harrisburg, PA.


There’s so much more to being a wedding DJ than pushing the button to a preset track. A truly skilled and experienced DJ knows how to use the proper equipment. It takes experience to understand how to implement balance, equalizers and mixing. Add to that a knowledge of song selection and progression through the event and a DJ has their hands full. You probably wouldn’t know that, and that’s the way it should be. A DJ with great skills allows the music to move the crowd. Anything less is the perfect storm for a crash and burn at your event.

Wedding experience

Sure, you could get a family member to load up a few songs on their laptop and play some music. (Often those songs are not legally sourced, but that’s a whole other story!) The DJ not only plays the music but also serves as your event emcee. They keep the party flowing. A DJ with vast wedding experience will know the wedding reception trends and can help your reception flow smoothly.

Knowledge of music

The best and most experienced wedding DJs are essentially walking music libraries. They have an uncanny superpower of knowing almost every album and track that has ever been released. They take great pride in knowing what remixes. Why does this matter? Because they will know what music best fits your crowd. They can read the crowd, understand the music they react to, and tailor the song selection list to match their taste. This is an invaluable skill to keep your reception attendees engaged and having the time of their lives.

All about YOU

A great wedding DJ knows that wedding receptions are not cookie-cutter events. Whatever you have in mind, you should get, and a good DJ will accommodate your wishes. In saying that, if you have a potentially embarrassing idea, they will gently lead you in a different direction. The best wedding DJs will help navigate you through choices relative to reception flow, music, and working with your venue.

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