Wedding Shows – What to Expect

If you have never attended a wedding show, you likely have a few questions. We want to help ease your mind and answer your questions in detail. Wedding shows occur throughout the year and attract hundreds of brides-to-be. We want to help you make the most of it!

When should I attend a wedding show?

We recommend that a bride attend at least one show in the beginning stages of planning. Many vendors book quickly and require deposits to hold the date of the event, so the sooner the better! Wedding shows often change a bride’s mind about what she’s looking for. Maybe you’re dead-set on a princess-themed extravaganza but find that a classy, simplistic style is more attractive after seeing it in person. Seeing vendors and style options in person will help solidify your vision.

How long will it take?

Wedding shows tend to pack a lot of punch into one morning (or afternoon). Expect a show to last at least 3-4 hours. We recommend purchasing tickets online, if available. The line for tickets is one of the longest lines at the show. Things can also get pretty packed inside, depending on the venue. Be sure to arrive early for an opportunity to talk to vendors one-on-one. Also, be sure to eat a little something before you go as crowds tend to thicken near the sampling tables. Though it might be worth the wait because there’s usually a variety of samples available from the different caterers!

What will I see at the show?

The exhibitors will bring their very best products and services to each bridal show. From wedding dresses to photographers and DJs, there will be so many different types of vendors available to talk costs and package details! There will even be vendors you did not consider before such as tailors and people who preserve your bouquet. The exhibitors are also up to date on the latest wedding trends!

Specific to bridal gowns, many wedding shows put on a fashion show to highlight the newest styles and allow brides to get an idea of what they’re looking for. Photos are typically allowed (without flash), but be sure to get the designer name, too, if possible!

Another important offering to look for at bridal shows is same-day discounts! Many vendors offer “book now” discounts and giveaway opportunities that can help save you some money. So, it helps to be open-minded about booking that day.

What (or who) should I bring with me?

Bring whoever you feel most comfortable with and who will support your plan for the day. Your partner or a close friend or family member would be a good option. We recommend keeping your group small to minimize confusion and overwhelm.

Bring a pad of sticky notes and a pen to jot down your name, email address, phone number, and wedding date for any vendors who may need it. You’ll likely get a lot of information that day that you’ll want to remember. Use those sticky notes! Taking photos with your phone as you go through the show will also help you remember things later on.

To make the most of your time, try to plan ahead which vendors you’d like to see and in what order you’d like to see them. Create a short list of the things you need, your budget, and your vision for your wedding.

What should I wear to a bridal show?

Bridal shows do not typically have a dress code. Our biggest recommendation is to dress comfortably. Venues may require a lot of walking to see all exhibitors and it will take some time to see everything. A cute pair of white sneakers would be great for the bride-to-be!

Wedding shows are a great tool to help you create the best wedding experience. Take your time and do not rush through them. The best thing you can do in the planning process is to ask questions. Bridal shows are the best place to do so! Look for us at an upcoming show.

If you have any questions about our processes or booking information, call, email, or contact us today!