Put your name in lights!  Imagine the look on your family, friends, or customer’s faces as they walk into the reception or event and see your personalized monogram projected on the dance floor or wall!  Monogram Lighting is a great way to bring additional style and elegance to a wedding reception or corporate event.  We can display a logo, monogram, or text.  Personalize your special day with our Monogram Lighting add on service.

This add on service is $275 when added to any base reception package.

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What our Clients Say

Our interactions with Heather and her ladies were amazing! They were extremely professional at every point in the process, from initial contract signing to the reception itself. Amanda and Vanessa were wonderful DJ's - we didn't have any songs played that we didn't want, and they were able to get all the songs we wanted (and we had some "unique" choices). Heather stopped by at our reception after the reception she was DJing was over, which surprised and impressed me! Would recommend Heather and her ladies to anyone looking to have great reception music and have a great party.