Choosing Your Entertainment

Choosing the entertainment for an event can be a daunting task because it is one of the most important details in guaranteeing your guests a good time. Whether you decide to go with live music or a DJ, your choice will ultimately set the tone of the party. Take a wedding reception for example and let’s assume you have chosen the DJ route. A great DJ will ensure your reception is nothing short of spectacular. Having a so-so DJ, no matter how great the food and venue is, will ensure a so-so reception. Gettysburg, PA brings us an overwhelming amount of talent when it comes to choosing a DJ, and even if HD Entertainment is not your choice, we want to help you make confident decisions in choosing the best DJ for your event!

Know What to Look For and Where

The internet is a great big place that gives us the answers to anything we want to know, including the best DJs in your area. Websites like TheKnot, Wedding Wire, and Facebook allow people to rate, review, and refer DJs and can help guide decisions for your special day.

DJs have experience in different areas like clubs, events, weddings, and even radio. Find out what specialty your DJ favors. You will also want to find out how the DJ gets the crowd going and find out if they would be interested in being your MC and making announcements for entrances. Aside from your wedding planner, a DJ is another person that needs to help in keeping things together.

Some DJs offer other add-ons like uplighting and photo booths to make your reception extra special. If you’re looking for an all-in-one experience to make your life easier, many venues offer their own DJ. Don’t settle for average though, do your own research.  Providing your guests with lively entertainment will make for an unforgettable night!

Ask to Hear Demos

Once you have two or three prospective DJs, asking to hear samples of their work before hiring isn’t a bad idea. Many DJs will mix music themselves so there aren’t any awkward pauses between tracks, whereas others will have a non-stop playlist. If music is important to you and you’re paying a pretty penny for it, you will want to hear or see their work before hiring.

Give the DJ Your Playlist and “Do Not Play” List

A fun and innovative way to get an idea of what type of music your guests want to hear at your wedding reception is to include a space for music selections on the back of your RSVPs! You can then filter what you want to hear from that list as well. Your DJ will have playlists created ahead of time that matches the schedule of events for the evening. If there are any songs you absolutely do not want to hear, tell them so there are no surprises or dampers to the evening later. A good DJ will include a play and do not playlist within the itinerary paperwork you fill out for them in preparation for the big day.

Why HD Entertainment?

If you’re looking for the absolute best DJ services in Gettysburg, PA, HD entertainment has you covered. We are a professional, award-winning, all-female DJ company. We understand the pain points of your wedding day or special occasion and how stressful it can be to provide your guests with the best experience for the best price possible. We offer multiple packages at prices you will love with services ranging from DJ/MC coordination to photo booths to all types of lighting. We know most of your guests will be on the dance floor, but for those kicking back taking photo memories of the evening, we even offer a guest charging station with various cable types and wireless charging solutions for when their batteries run dry.

We want to bring your vision to life in a stress-free fashion and we understand every wedding is different. If you have any additional needs or special requests, we will be happy to do a personalized quote for you.

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What our Clients Say

Our interactions with Heather and her ladies were amazing! They were extremely professional at every point in the process, from initial contract signing to the reception itself. Amanda and Vanessa were wonderful DJ's - we didn't have any songs played that we didn't want, and they were able to get all the songs we wanted (and we had some "unique" choices). Heather stopped by at our reception after the reception she was DJing was over, which surprised and impressed me! Would recommend Heather and her ladies to anyone looking to have great reception music and have a great party.