How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?


When it comes to hiring a DJ for your wedding, there are several things to consider regarding what it might cost. As with any vendor, DJs will charge varying prices depending on the packages available and the client’s desired outcome. Most DJs are willing to modify packages to meet client expectations, but it may come with additional fees! As we go through a list of things to consider, take some time to jot down your thoughts, so you have a clear idea of what you want.


Though DJs don’t exactly work on an hourly salary, one of the most significant things to consider about the cost is the amount of time the DJ is needed. For example, when hiring a DJ for a wedding, it is likely cheaper to hire a DJ for just the reception instead of for the ceremony and reception. Knowing and understanding the timeline for the event will help you determine how long you will need a DJ and potentially help you save a significant amount of money. Be mindful of set up and tear down times, as well. While some DJs include this time in their packages, others don’t.


Many couples do not understand the planning many vendors, including DJs, put in before even arriving on site for the event. Playlists, final calls, suggestions for couples, selecting music with the couple, and many other things need to be factored into the time you’re paying for. It’s much more than a few hours on the wedding day!


Also, consider any odd-on services you might need. Everything from monogram lighting to dancing on a cloud will likely cost a little bit more than a basic package. While these enhancements bring a fun element to the party, they will increase your budget. If you already know these are non-negotiables for your event, plan a little extra wiggle room for your DJ costs!


And lastly, when you hire a DJ, one of the most worthy things to spend money on is their experience. Hiring a DJ with years of experience will not only ensure your party goes all night long it will also mean less worry on your end. Experienced DJs might cost more, but they have greater knowledge in troubleshooting things! Equipment malfunction? An experienced DJ can keep you and your guests from even realizing there’s a problem!


At HD Entertainment, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, experienced DJs for any event! Check out our website for packages and DJ biographies to get to know us a little bit more!


Top 3 Wedding Venues Near Gettysburg, PA

Top 3 Wedding Venues Near Gettysburg, PA

With our decade of experience in the wedding industry, we’ve gathered some of the best inside information on venues in central Pennsylvania. Looking at wedding venues can be overwhelming – there are so many! So, we have compiled a list of our favorite venues in the Gettysburg area to give brides a starting point.


The Historic Round Barn – Biglerville, PA

The Historic Round Barn is an authentic barn venue just outside of Gettysburg, PA. Built in the early 1900s, the venue features intricate architecture against orchard-covered hills. The Historic Round Barn offers an outdoor ceremony space that overlooks the barn making a great view for guests and a stunning backdrop for photos.

The building itself is a white dome barn with a vaulted roof. When strung with lights, it becomes a dreamy rustic-themed event space that guests will adore. Because the space is round, guests have the best view no matter where they sit. The Round Barn offers some amenities such as tables, chairs, and onsite shuttles. Parking is no issue on the property, and seasonal specialties are available from the surrounding farmland as part of the menu for your event.

Visit http://roundbarn.farm for more information.


The Links at Gettysburg

The Links at Gettysburg offers indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces. The terrace overlooking the golf course is beautiful in any season, and there’s plenty of dance floor inside! The Links provides wedding experts to assist you with everything from touring the venue to planning the last moment of the reception. They will alleviate your stress and truly make it the best day ever.

With room for up to 250 guests, The Links is a great space for larger parties. The venue provides clear packages and pricing. Packages feature ceremony/reception spaces, tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, china, and more. The wedding planner at the Links will be sure to go over all the details. We’d love to see you at the Links!

Visit https://www.gettysburgweddingvenues.com/ for more information.


The Lodges at Gettysburg

Last, but certainly not least, The Lodges is another wonderful venue in the Gettysburg area. One of the most outstanding features is the view of Hunter Lake! There’s even the option of a horse-drawn carriage for extra romance. The Lodges at Gettysburg is a timeless ceremony space, and the ballroom is perfect for an unforgettable reception hosted by HD Entertainment!

The Lodges offers onsite accommodations for wedding guests and group activities on the grounds. Wedding planners are available to ensure menus, decor, and other needs are taken care of to reduce the stress of planning. The Lodges offers fun additions such as a sunset cocktail party on the patio or breakfast picnics the next morning, making it one of the best venues in the area.

Visit https://www.gettysburgaccommodations.com/weddings for more information.


When you’ve found your event space, you’ll need a DJ for everything from ceremony music to upbeat dance music at the reception. Contact HD Entertainment to see how we can make your day even more special.

Hiring a DJ?

Hiring a DJ?


If we had one piece of advice to give to someone who needs to hire a DJ it would be to research, research, research. A good DJ can take an event from mundane to major hit! However, there are so many different styles and options available, and not every DJ will be able to make your vision come to life. We’ll explore what to look for in a DJ for your event.


First, make sure to talk to potential DJs! Personality plays a huge role in setting the mood for your event. A DJ should be able to express the desired feel of the occasion through music and engagement with the audience. To get to know a DJ better, ask questions about their career or even their hobbies. Why did they become a DJ? What they do in their free time will tell you a lot about who they are and whether they will be a good fit for your event.


Next, understand how they will build a playlist!


  • Will they stay strict to the songs chosen by the host or will they add in songs as well?
  • Will they be making all of the announcements at the event?
  • How will they handle song requests from attendees?
  • Will they add in any of their own games/activities?
  • Do they have enough music to keep people dancing all night long?


Asking questions like this will uncover more about how the event will go and keep both parties aware of expectations.


Finally, read through the contract. Yes, that seems obvious, but knowing timelines, cost, and potential add-ons will give you a full picture of what packages are available. The contract should provide a rough timeline including set-up and tear-down so the venue can be informed. It should also include if any additional meetings are required before the event to finalize playlists and timelines. Additionally, the contract should have a record of all add-ons needed such as up-lighting, custom monogram, and lights for the dance floor. Many DJ companies offer additional tech to enhance the atmosphere. The options are endless! All that’s needed is a DJ to make it all come together.


Contact HD Entertainment to learn more about our all-female award-winning DJ company. We’re here to answer your questions.


Wedding Shows – What to Expect

Wedding Shows – What to Expect


If you have never attended a wedding show, you likely have a few questions. We want to help ease your mind and answer your questions in detail. Wedding shows occur throughout the year and attract hundreds of brides-to-be. We want to help you make the most of it!


When should I attend a wedding show?

We recommend that a bride attend at least one show in the beginning stages of planning. Many vendors book quickly and require deposits to hold the date of the event, so the sooner the better! Wedding shows often change a bride’s mind about what she’s looking for. Maybe you’re dead-set on a princess-themed extravaganza but find that a classy, simplistic style is more attractive after seeing it in person. Seeing vendors and style options in person will help solidify your vision.


How long will it take?

Wedding shows tend to pack a lot of punch into one morning (or afternoon). Expect a show to last at least 3-4 hours. We recommend purchasing tickets online, if available. The line for tickets is one of the longest lines at the show. Things can also get pretty packed inside, depending on the venue. Be sure to arrive early for an opportunity to talk to vendors one-on-one. Also, be sure to eat a little something before you go as crowds tend to thicken near the sampling tables. Though it might be worth the wait because there’s usually a variety of samples available from the different caterers!


What will I see at the show?

The exhibitors will bring their very best products and services to each bridal show. From wedding dresses to photographers and DJs, there will be so many different types of vendors available to talk costs and package details! There will even be vendors you did not consider before such as tailors and people who preserve your bouquet. The exhibitors are also up to date on the latest wedding trends!

Specific to bridal gowns, many wedding shows put on a fashion show to highlight the newest styles and allow brides to get an idea of what they’re looking for. Photos are typically allowed (without flash), but be sure to get the designer name, too, if possible!

Another important offering to look for at bridal shows is same-day discounts! Many vendors offer “book now” discounts and giveaway opportunities that can help save you some money. So, it helps to be open-minded about booking that day.


What (or who) should I bring with me?

Bring whoever you feel most comfortable with and who will support your plan for the day. Your partner or a close friend or family member would be a good option. We recommend keeping your group small to minimize confusion and overwhelm.

Bring a pad of sticky notes and a pen to jot down your name, email address, phone number, and wedding date for any vendors who may need it. You’ll likely get a lot of information that day that you’ll want to remember. Use those sticky notes! Taking photos with your phone as you go through the show will also help you remember things later on.

To make the most of your time, try to plan ahead which vendors you’d like to see and in what order you’d like to see them. Create a short list of the things you need, your budget, and your vision for your wedding.


What should I wear to a bridal show?

Bridal shows do not typically have a dress code. Our biggest recommendation is to dress comfortably. Venues may require a lot of walking to see all exhibitors and it will take some time to see everything. A cute pair of white sneakers would be great for the bride-to-be!


Wedding shows are a great tool to help you create the best wedding experience. Take your time and do not rush through them. The best thing you can do in the planning process is to ask questions. Bridal shows are the best place to do so! Look for us at an upcoming show.



Hire a Wedding DJ in Harrisburg, PA

Hire a Wedding DJ in Harrisburg, PA


Inexpensive modern technology has opened up a new world in the past decade making it easy for anyone to market themselves as a DJ. However, there are many reasons why one should seek out an experienced professional wedding DJ including avoiding disaster on your big day. Here are a few things to look for when you hire a wedding DJ in Harrisburg, PA.



There’s so much more to being a wedding DJ than pushing the button to a preset track. A truly skilled and experienced DJ knows how to use the proper equipment. It takes experience to understand how to implement balance, equalizers and mixing. Add to that a knowledge of song selection and progression through the event and a DJ has their hands full. You probably wouldn’t know that, and that’s the way it should be. A DJ with great skills allows the music to move the crowd. Anything less is the perfect storm for a crash and burn at your event.


Wedding experience

Sure, you could get a family member to load up a few songs on their laptop and play some music. (Often those songs are not legally sourced, but that’s a whole other story!) The DJ not only plays the music but also serves as your event emcee. They keep the party flowing. A DJ with vast wedding experience will know the wedding reception trends and can help your reception flow smoothly.


Knowledge of music

The best and most experienced wedding DJs are essentially walking music libraries. They have an uncanny superpower of knowing almost every album and track that has ever been released. They take great pride in knowing what remixes. Why does this matter? Because they will know what music best fits your crowd. They can read the crowd, understand the music they react to, and tailor the song selection list to match their taste. This is an invaluable skill to keep your reception attendees engaged and having the time of their lives.


All about YOU

A great wedding DJ knows that wedding receptions are not cookie-cutter events. Whatever you have in mind, you should get, and a good DJ will accommodate your wishes. In saying that, if you have a potentially embarrassing idea, they will gently lead you in a different direction. The best wedding DJs will help navigate you through choices relative to reception flow, music, and working with your venue.


Are you looking for a trusted and award-winning DJ in Harrisburg, PA, for your upcoming wedding reception? HD Entertainment is that DJ! We serve the south-central PA and northern MD areas. Visit our website at hdentertainmentdj.com to learn how we can make your wedding epic!


Why Every Bride Should Attend a Bridal Show

Why Every Bride Should Attend a Bridal Show

Does wedding planning feel like it will never end? Does it scare you so much that you don’t even want to begin? While the process can be overwhelming, there are so many resources available to help ease the stress of planning and executing your big day. One of the most helpful resources available to new brides are bridal shows. These events incorporate vendors for every need from catering to DJs to florals and more. We hope by the end of this article you will want to sign up for your first bridal show (or second, third, and fourth)!


What to expect

Bridal shows are often held at event venues so they can fit a variety of vendors into one space. Expect to see an ocean of fabrics, flowers, lighting, and desserts. Each vendor is there to show off their best products/services for you to get an idea of how it could work for you and your big day. Take advantage of the convenience of having everything in one place by attending bridal shows in your area.

At many bridal shows, vendors are prepared to have you book and pay deposits to hold your spot, but don’t let that scare you. If you’re not at that point in planning you do not have to book anything until you’re sure it’s what you want. If you’re just there to window shop just let the vendors know you’re simply gathering information!


One of the biggest reasons we recommend attending bridal shows is to get inspired and really dig into what options are available. Although many brides think they know exactly what they want, it may surprise themselves after seeing what’s out there. Vendors will showcase different styles and options available for their specific product or service. After all, every couple is different and they’ll be looking for different things for their wedding day.

Another benefit to attending bridal shows is to compare costs. Gathering pricing information can be overwhelming and confusing over the phone or online. Speaking directly to vendors about their wedding packages will give you an idea of what is offered and at what cost. Some bridal shows run competitions for attendees where prizes are awarded. Many times prizes include discounts on vendor services or bridal accessories for the big day. We know that weddings can get pricey, so being able to comparison shop will allow you to really get the most bang for your buck!

Finally, bridal shows are an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the idea that you are a BRIDE. This is an exciting time that shouldn’t be overlooked! Enjoy the moment as everyone tries to help you have the best possible experience. Enjoy every taste test and floral arrangement coming your way because at the end of the day, your wedding is all about YOU (and your future groom, of course).


We hope to see you at an upcoming show! And when it comes to choosing the entertainment for your wedding, we hope you’ll check out some of the awesome packages at HD Entertainment.


Who to Invite to Your Pre-Wedding Festivities

Who to Invite to Your Pre-Wedding Festivities


If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the midst of planning a wedding. Congratulations! Planning your pre-wedding parties can be some of the more fun and less stressful tasks on the checklist. Be prepared to clear your schedule for the next few months! While the happy couple might not have too much say on all the festivities that happen before the wedding, there is one thing they are absolutely in charge of – the guest list.


From the engagement party to the rehearsal dinner, you’re going to have a different guest list for different events. No couple should feel pressured to have every single one of their wedding guests at every event, especially during a pandemic. However, there are traditions for who attends the different events. We have created a handy guide for soon-to-be-married couples as they navigate their guest lists for each of the pre-wedding parties.


Engagement Party

The engagement party, ahh! The first big celebration in honor of the recently engaged couple. Typically, a close friend or family member will take the lead in planning this exciting event. The guest list for an engagement party is usually rather small with only close friends and family from both sides. Sometimes, two engagement parties will be held if one side of the family wants to celebrate separately. While these events are ordinarily smaller, you would be surprised how big the guest list can get.


Keep in mind that anyone invited to your engagement party is likely expecting an invitation to the main event!


Wedding Shower

The wedding shower is normally the next event after the engagement party. For the couple, this is a fun and easy event! All you need to decide is the guest list and what you want to wear. Your wedding party and family members put on the show otherwise (in most cases). When planning your guest list, keep in mind it would be poor etiquette to invite someone who is not on your wedding guest list.


The majority of guests will include the couple’s wedding party, close friends, and family members. If both families have helped out with the planning of the shower, you can count on inviting both sides of the family too. If you are close with any of your partner’s friends coming to the wedding, it’s a nice gesture to invite them as well.


There are other people to consider too, like your partner. Traditionally, wedding showers have been all ladies. However, recently it’s become more common for the groom to make an appearance at the end. Others to consider are those who live out of town and your co-workers. While it is unlikely that out-of-towners will attend until the big day, it makes them feel loved and appreciated to have made the guest list for the other festivities too. As for your co-workers, if you are close enough to invite them to the wedding and hang out with them outside of work, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put them on the guest list (even though they might already have one planned for you at work, bonus!).


Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

The bachelorette and bachelor parties are somewhat obvious, as you will most definitely have all of your wedding party on the guest list. However, close friends and family members can join in the fun too. The guest list can become a headache, though, when you think about the mix of personalities going on a weekend (or longer) trip together. The guest list could also depend on the type of activities planned. It’s important to keep in mind not only to do what you are comfortable with, but also what your guests are comfortable with.


Rehearsal Dinner

Last but certainly not least, one of the most exciting activities of all, the rehearsal dinner! This is where your family and friends, and out-of-town guests, become better acquainted. The rehearsal dinner is not only meant to prepare the engaged couple for their big day, but to say thank you to everyone who has helped with the preparations and/or traveled miles to be with you. Ordinarily, family members of both parties, anyone participating in your ceremony, and their plus ones or significant others, and out-of-town guests receive the invite to a rehearsal dinner.


Of course, invitations are always up to the discretion of the couple. We’ve seen it done a thousand different ways! This is simply a guide and ultimately, it is entirely up to the couple. We wish you the best of luck in your planning! When it comes to choosing the entertainment for your wedding, we hope you choose to check out some of our awesome packages.


Reasons to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

Reasons to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you want it to go off without a hitch. You want it to be an event you and all your guests remember fondly. One integral piece of your special day is the DJ.


While your budget is likely first and foremost on your mind, the DJ is not something you want to skimp on. You may find it tempting to have a friend or family member fill the role, but this could be a big mistake. Here are a few reasons to hire a DJ for your wedding.



A professional DJ has a vested interest in the success of your big day. That friend or family member that offers to work your wedding reception may not be as interested in the details of your festivities as a professional would be. They also may not be as committed to your big day as you are, and might end up with other obligations. Don’t be left high and dry! Amateurs are far less invested in your day than a professional who has a signed contract.


Master of Ceremonies

An experienced wedding DJ knows how a wedding event should go. They’re well-versed in keeping your banquet moving along. They are essentially the master of ceremonies at your reception, making certain the events within the event move and go off without a hitch. There are a lot of moving pieces to a wedding reception. They have to do introductions, announce and arrange the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, etc. They also know all the latest trends in wedding celebrations so your event can shine!



This is a big one. A professional DJ has quality equipment that works. The speakers are adequate and can be adjusted to the dynamics of the room. Many have some great lighting rigs that bring a certain flair to the dance floor. Additionally, if something breaks, a professional DJ will have backup systems in place to seamlessly continue the festivities. An amateur DJ usually comes with less than adequate equipment, and in the event of a failure, they have no way to recover.


Reading the Crowd

A professional DJ knows how to watch a crowd and knows just the right moments to play certain music. They can quickly determine what music resonates with your guests (and what doesn’t!). Every crowd is different, and a DJ needs to know what to play and what not to play for that particular group.



Are you looking for an award-winning DJ for your upcoming wedding reception? HD Entertainment is a trusted local DJ serving the south-central PA and northern MD areas. Visit our website at hdentertainmentdj.com to learn how we can keep the dance floor moving at your next event!

The “Real Cost” of a Wedding DJ

The “Real Cost” of a Wedding DJ


If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, you know that the cost of essentials like decorations, catering, and entertainment varies by place and vendor. Of course, you don’t want to break the bank but you don’t want to have a “below average” wedding either by choosing the cheapest options.

The most important “big ticket” areas on which to focus your budget are the venue space, the alcohol and food catering, and the DJ. There are a ton of DJs in the Adams/York County area, so how do you choose? And how much do they cost?

The average cost of a wedding DJ in our area is $1,300. Realistically, you could see professional DJs charging anywhere between $800-$4,500 depending on the type of setup you wish to have for your guests (add-ons, lighting, photo booths, etc). We want to share with you the real cost of a wedding DJ because we don’t want you to blow your budget. Keep reading to find out what to expect from DJs at varying price points.


What Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

Time, money, and resources are what set apart a budget-friendly DJ from a full-time professional DJ. Professional DJs spend more time and put more money into their sets and equipment while more cost-friendly DJs may just use DJing on the side as an extra source of income. Here’s what various prices likely indicate when it comes to the expertise of the DJ:


Cost-Friendly DJ: Under $1000

There’s nothing wrong with checking the cheapest-priced DJs for certain events, but it might not be the right option for your wedding. Let’s face it, wedding receptions are mostly centered around the music and couples count on the DJ to act as an emcee to keep the ball rolling.

This price might make sense if you have a friend who is a DJ and she’s giving you her services at a discounted price as a wedding gift. Often wedding DJs in this price range are testing the waters and they might not have as much experience with weddings. Don’t forget that most venues require a business license and insurance, so be sure to see all documentation of this from a DJ.


Middle Ground DJ: $1,100- $1,500

The average cost of a wedding DJ in the U.S. is just between the prices above. In this bracket, DJs have slightly more experience, but more than likely are still DJing part-time. Since they probably have another full-time job, they might not have as much time to prepare for your wedding as someone who DJs full-time.

Keep in mind that all DJs have to start somewhere. You could find a stellar DJ in this category who is working on getting her name out there. Keep researching reviews and ask questions before signing any contracts.


“This is my career” DJ: $1,500- $4,500

There is a reason couples pay this much. From the hours the DJs put into preparing for a wedding to the wide range of services they offer, this is truly the full package. DJs in this price range are professionals, experienced, and committed to making sure the day meets your expectations.

This DJ will spend hours upon hours putting together music selections with your recommendations, answer questions thoroughly, and absolutely kill it as your emcee. They likely have all the venue’s favored and required qualifications, licenses, and insurance.


Additional Costs

The prices above are only a fraction of what you could end up paying if you are looking for additional things such as special lighting and photo booths. Be sure to compare DJ services and reviews to their prices before deciding if they fit your budget. We don’t recommend settling for the so-so DJ because you wanted the laser light show.

The costs above are only guidelines. Depending on where you live, prices differ. There are amateur DJs that overcharge and quality hidden gems who undercharge. It is important to do your research, interview DJs, and ask questions to figure out if one is your perfect match!


The “Real Cost” Isn’t in Dollars

The real cost of a quality DJ isn’t the number on the check you hand over once the contract is signed. A quality DJ costs what they are worth, but it’s what they are doing on the backend that separates an average DJ from a great one. There’s a lot of time, resources, and commitment that go into the preparation of professional DJs.



Undeniably, a professional DJ will take 10-30 hours to prepare for a single wedding, whereas a hobbyist may only spend about 5 hours. She will take the time to get to know you and your soon-to-be spouse, to get a feel for who you are as individuals, and to learn about your music tastes. This interview process makes it much easier for a DJ to create a schedule and stay on track (every professional will do this).



DJs do much more than just throw together a mix of songs on a playlist. Experienced DJs know what equipment is the very best and set aside time to learn how to master it, as well as learn new techniques to mix music so there aren’t any awkward pauses between songs.



When you hire someone who DJs as a side gig, you are sharing time with the other priorities in his life. When something comes up with his full-time job while preparing for your big day, or worse ON your big day, which do you think he’ll choose – your wedding that’s a side gig or the day job that pays the majority of his bills? It’s a no-brainer to pay a bit more for a DJ that commits her time and energy to be present on your wedding day.


The Value vs The Price

We understand how important it is to set and stick to your wedding budget. It’s great to save a buck where you can, but when it comes to a DJ, don’t settle for less. After all, you are throwing the most important party of your life!

The cost of a DJ is only a piece of the puzzle. What is included in that number and what will the DJ provide for your special day? The “real cost” isn’t the numerical value, but the best value for your dollar.


HD Entertainment hosts a team of extremely talented professionals who are fun and love to bring special moments to life. There is no event too big or too small. Let us make your day magical. Contact us today to talk about your dream wedding.


Hot Hits For Summer 2021 Weddings

Hot Hits For Summer 2021 Weddings

Many weddings were canceled or rescheduled in 2020 for obvious reasons, making 2021 a very busy year for brides and grooms to get back on track with their wedding plans. We know there are a thousand things to be done when it comes to planning (or replanning) a wedding. After a lousy year full of quarantining and canceled events, you deserve to have the best wedding playlist to remind your guests just how fun life can be. We have managed to put a list together of songs that will keep the crowd jumpin’ all night long.

Our list has been compiled from The Hot 100 Chart Billboard and we chose ten that we thought are sure to flood the dance floor.


Levitating / Dua Lipa ft. DaBaby

First up, we have the queen herself, Dua Lipa! Although her single version is great, DaBaby just adds the little bit of flair and funk this song needed to create the perfect beat. It’s one of those songs everyone will know as soon as the music starts. There is a reason this song has been in the first five on the charts for 34 weeks straight!


Peaches / Justin Bieber

Especially for younger couples, Justin Bieber brings back a sense of nostalgia for most millennials. From watching him as a child singing Chris Brown on YouTube, to having song after song climbing the charts since 2009, it’s a no-brainer everyone will know his voice as the melodies begin. This one will irresistibly leave anyone at any age tapping their foot from their chair.


Kiss Me More / Doja Cat ft. SZA

The recently released Doja Cat hit has been climbing the charts since it was released in April. If you turn on the radio, there’s a good chance you might hear it! It’s always nice to play songs you know most people will know, we recommend this one.


Blinding Lights / The Weeknd

Whether you’ve heard it on the radio or hopped on the Tiktok trends during quarantine, “Blinding Lights” is an oldie but a goodie. It’s still up and down on the charts after being released at the end of 2019. From sports lovers who watched the Super Bowl to die-hard The Weeknd fans, everyone should know this song.


Best Friend / Saweetie ft. Doja Cat

“That’s my best friend…” Your bridal party will appreciate this one. The perfect hype song for a bride and her bridesmaids to jam out to on the dance floor or the dressing room!


Mood / 24Goldn ft. iann dior

Just when you think you’ve had enough of all the dancing, this song will make you turn right back around and put you back in the boogie “mood.”


Leave The Door Open / Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak

These two soul men encourage people to be “dancin’ and romancin’” in their climbing hit. Whether you want to dance slow with a partner or feel the rhythm on your own, this romantic, feel-good song is a must-have during a wedding reception.


Goosebumps / Travis Scott & HVME

Travis Scott never fails to make you feel like you’re in a nightclub during every one of his off-the-chart hits. The beat will literally give you goosebumps!


Lil Bit / Nelly & Florida Georgia Line

Country music lovers will appreciate this one. Rap meets country, somehow Nelly and Florida Georgia Line always nail the duets together. This song keeps climbing the charts week by week, we are sure you will be hearing it a bunch this summer!


Good 4 U / Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s spin-off of “Misery Business” is every millennial’s dream come true in her newest hit. It’s all over social media and we can imagine the ladies will be all over the dance floor this summer with this one singing their hearts out.


Aside from the planning, the decorating, and the food, choosing the right DJ should be one of the top priorities as it’s an important factor to a memorable wedding. In a perfect world, most couples would love to build the best upbeat playlist to create an unforgettable experience for their guests. Unfortunately, with all the other factors that go into making a wedding happen, couples do not have the kind of time to do that. Instead, they must rely on a DJ to make the magic happen behind the music.

From the first dance to dinner to finally inviting guests onto the dance floor, a DJ is responsible for keeping the party going and never letting the moment dull. At HD Entertainment, we are confident that we can make your special day one nobody will forget. Learn more about our all-female award-winning DJs here.