Carlisle PA DJ-Tips for Hiring a DJ in Carlisle PA

It’s surprising how late people consider booking the DJ for their wedding or party. Of all the integral components of your event, the DJ is almost always front and center. Booking a DJ is more than just searching for a name and picking the first one you find. You want the best, so your event can be the best. Here are a few tips for hiring a DJ in Carlisle, PA.

What makes a party great?

If you have ever attended a party or planned one previously, you and your guests know the answer to this. You will undoubtedly hear the best part of the event was dancing to the music they love. But how do you know the music they want to hear?

The key to success is a great DJ. A DJ holds the key to your guests’ emotions. The right DJ will choose the music and songs that will lead your guests into the exciting world of lights and music. The music sparks memories and emotions and often leads listeners back to their youth. This great journey through time hinges upon how good your DJ is.


A good DJ is armed with a planning itinerary that guides them through your event! Your DJ will assist you in song selection, timeline, coordination with other vendors on the day of your event, and essentially holds the keys to the day’s success. Check reviews of the DJ you are interested in and make sure they have this as part of their toolbox.

A good DJ reads the crowd

A good DJ has a wide range of music genres under their belt. They have their finger on the pulse of the crowd and can predict their response when playing certain types of music. It is important that the DJ reads the crowd and can switch between music genres as he or she gets a feel for the crowd’s tastes. If you provide the DJ with a playlist, it’s a good idea to give them some discretion to which tracks to play, what order to play them in, and what can be added to satisfy your guest’s taste in music.

Music therapy

As your guests gather on the dance floor, a special thing happens. Your DJ becomes a therapist. The problems and worries weighing on your guests are soon left behind. Dancing helps people unwind and relax. As they join together in laughter and joy, their emotions trigger the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain. A good DJ is perhaps the best therapist you could provide your guests!

When to book

If you wait until the last minute to book your DJ, you are asking for trouble. A good DJ is hard to find. When word gets out that there is one in the area, their calendar usually fills pretty quickly. For this reason, you will want to start getting your DJ booked a year or more  in advance of your event.

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Our interactions with Heather and her ladies were amazing! They were extremely professional at every point in the process, from initial contract signing to the reception itself. Amanda and Vanessa were wonderful DJ's - we didn't have any songs played that we didn't want, and they were able to get all the songs we wanted (and we had some "unique" choices). Heather stopped by at our reception after the reception she was DJing was over, which surprised and impressed me! Would recommend Heather and her ladies to anyone looking to have great reception music and have a great party.