Top 10 Questions for DJs in Hanover, PA

So you have decided to get married here at home in Hanover, PA, and you’re seeking local talent to DJ at your wedding reception. A packed dance floor is a key component to a fun and memorable wedding reception. Before choosing someone you know or going with the DJ that was at your friend’s wedding, there are questions to consider asking prior to hiring your entertainment. Afterall, you’ll want to know how your DJ gets the party started. We have noted ten questions to ask a prospective DJ before booking them for your special day.

  • Do You Offer A Written Contract?

Not all DJs you interview will have the same sense of professionalism. A written, legal contract is the first indication that the DJ is legitimate and reliable. A contract will establish the DJ’s obligation to the client and highlight what is expected for the success of the DJ. In our opinion, any DJ without a contract should not be considered.

  • What Is Your Experience?

You will want to ask a DJ how long they have been in the business. While you’re at it, ask them how many weddings they have done in the past because you definitely don’t want your wedding to be their first. Knowing how many years a DJ has been in the industry is a good indicator of how much experience they hold under their belt. Many DJs perform at a few events per year as a side gig. You’ll want to think twice when considering passing up a DJ because they have less years of experience in the industry as a whole, but have done twice as many weddings as someone who holds more years of experience.

  • Have You Played At Our Venue Before?

It’s a huge plus when a DJ has already played at your venue for past weddings and events. In a small town like Hanover, it is likely DJs have played at many of the same venues multiple times. There are challenges that come with every venue though, and if your DJ is already familiar with the location, planning becomes that much less of a headache for everyone. If they haven’t been to your venue before, your DJ should be open to preparing themselves prior to your event.

  • Describe Your Style?

When finding the right DJ, it is important to try to match the style of the DJ to the atmosphere you are trying to create for your guests. For a wedding, you will more than likely want a party-promoting type of DJ but maybe not one who is too interactive with the crowd. Depending on your wants in this area, ask your DJ what their normal style is, how they get the crowd dancing, and what they do if the dance floor clears.

  • Will You Act As The “Emcee”?

DJs typically aren’t shy, but if they refuse to emcee at your wedding, chances are they aren’t the DJ for you. Any professional and experienced DJ should be comfortable making wedding announcements on a microphone, as it is a standard part of the event.

  • How Do You Motivate A Crowd If Nobody Is Dancing?

An empty dance floor is every soon-to-be married couple’s nightmare. You want your wedding reception to be a night that isn’t soon forgotten. While some DJs are comfortable with the microphone to energize a crowd, others may use careful song selection to ensure dance floor success. If a populated dance floor is important to you, you will want to ask the DJ how they go about this and determine if it is how you would want the situation handled.

  • May We Speak To Your References?

You were probably already referred to your local prospective DJ by a friend, but it doesn’t hurt to do your own research. Any DJ should be ready and willing to connect you with their past clients. Speaking to past clients gives you a good idea of what is expected when working with that DJ. In the absence of wanting to bother a past couple, search out reviews for your chosen DJ. The more, the better. A simple Google search should show you various reviews and platforms.

  • How Involved Can We Be In Selecting Music For Our Event?

Many DJs prefer to be in control of their own setlists while sprinkling in a few of your select requests. The ideal DJ should be accommodating to your music taste, open to including what your guests want to hear, and respectful of what you don’t want to hear. A good DJ has a premade itinerary or song selection sheet ready to hand to you once a contract is signed and a deposit is secured.

  • What Is Included?

Some DJs will have other packages you can tack onto their services at your event that include photo booths, lighting options, overtime rates, and even stations for guests to charge their phone. There are a ton of fees that get tacked onto having a DJ, aside from their presence and set-up. Be sure to ask what packages are offered and what is included in each.

  • What Makes You Different From Your Competitors?

Lastly, why them? “Out of all the talent in the area, why should we choose you?” can be the opening or closing question for your prospective DJ. Any successful DJ will be open to answering this question if they take pride in their work. An open and honest DJ will take the time to tell you why their services are unique without bashing other local DJs.

Choosing a DJ for any event is tricky, but if you’re looking for the best in the Hanover, PA area, look no further. HD Entertainment has a handful of talented, award-winning ladies ready to provide your guests with the experience they need at an affordable cost. Contact us today to get started.