If we’ve learned anything from the last two-and-a-half years, it’s that making your wedding special and tailored to you is non-negotiable. So regardless of what is happening in the world, your wedding should go your way! 


Before the pandemic, we didn’t see as much variety in wedding planning. Many couples stuck with traditional reception events and didn’t stray too far from the expected parts of a wedding. Post-pandemic, we see much more variety from our couples as they put together their dream day! 


So, has this worldwide interruption sparked a new confidence in couples to finally do things the way they want? 


While new trends have hit the wedding scene year after year, since 2020 we’ve seen an even more significant increase in the number of couples that are changing how things traditionally been done. One of the most evident changes is skipping the bouquet and garter toss! Instead, couples are opting for interactive games that they and their guests can participate in too. One of the most popular? The shoe game. In this battle between the newlyweds, the couple is asked a series of questions, and while back-to-back, they have to lift either their shoe or their partner’s shoe in response to the question. For example, the question may ask, “Who is the better driver?” Likely, the bride will say she is the better driver and the groom will say he is the better driver. Of course, the more the answers conflict, the funnier the game is for the audience to watch. Because this event includes the entire guest list and the newlyweds, it’s become more popular than the bouquet and garter toss over the last few years. 


Another fun trend we see is the table photo blitz. This allows the bride and groom to snag a photo with everyone at the wedding in just a few minutes! The DJ plays a song and the couple runs around to get a group photo with each table either before or after dinner, once plates have been cleared. The photographer follows them to each table to grab a shot of the group. This is both fun and a great way to ensure you don’t miss photos with anyone! 


Whether it’s newfound confidence or a desire to start new traditions, we love the variety and excitement our couples are bringing to their wedding ceremony and reception. While some may miss the traditional fight over the bridal bouquet, we love when guests engage with the bride and groom in whatever events they choose to include. So if you’re attending a wedding that is a little less traditional, be supportive and just enjoy being a part of the day!


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Our interactions with Heather and her ladies were amazing! They were extremely professional at every point in the process, from initial contract signing to the reception itself. Amanda and Vanessa were wonderful DJ's - we didn't have any songs played that we didn't want, and they were able to get all the songs we wanted (and we had some "unique" choices). Heather stopped by at our reception after the reception she was DJing was over, which surprised and impressed me! Would recommend Heather and her ladies to anyone looking to have great reception music and have a great party.